The Artists


We are Isabelle Bonneau, Emily Knight and Monique Verville, contemporary visual artists whose practice is based at the studio called l’escalier jaune (“the yellow stairs”) in Warwick, Quebec, Canada. Each pursues her own work while also creating collective projects, serving as both collaborators and peer mentors to each other.  Many of our events are self-produced, out of a desire for autonomy and in pursuit of one of our main objectives : making art accessible to a wide audience. We believe that art is for everyone and should engage with the public in various ways and spaces.


Isabelle BonneauIsabelle Bonneau


As I enter the studio I can already sense my encounter with the unpredictable, with the unexpected. In this vital space, I express my inner self. Visual art, to me, is the expression of that which words cannot say. It is another dimension where words are unnecessary. It is a meeting place for all people.

Isabelle’s Gallery

Emily KnightEmily Knight


I make art about being present in the world. There is a strong sense of human gesture in all the work that I create. That instinctual mark-making, a physical event, is encircled by my thought process, but exists in its own space. My work explores themes of identity, the universality of creative expression, and the ways in which people articulate their selves. Line and colour are my tools.

Emily’s Gallery

Monique Verville Monique2


I’ve been painting passionately for two decades. I consider painting to be a voyage filled with encounters, events, and a tenacious quest for knowledge. Above all, it’s a fantastic internal voyage!

Monique’s Gallery